//Miserable Bams !
advise from :: SAHABAT ::
Friday, 27 April 2012 | 23:30 | 0 Kaki Busuk !
" really2, ur a good person, even tho i barely know u deep down i feel it, its just sumtimes random shit happens to good people, laki **** tu tak deserve a great woman like u okayy ? u definitely deserve a better man, ur a young, beautiful woman who is smart and funny and whtever happens, i'm here for u okayy ? ALWAYSS ! remember that, so jgn nangis, just smile like the rainbow gurl that you are :D , tak comel if ade tears, tgk you mcm nie, breaks my heart, :) "
*sincerely from "SAHABAT" :')

*p/s : thnks to u T'I , i do appreciate it, always be there when need someone ♥♥