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Download Just You ( Taiwanese Drama )
Friday, 17 January 2014 | 01:08 | 0 Kaki Busuk !

Cast : Aaron Yan as Qi Yi , Guo Xue Fu as Cheng Liang Liang

Synopsis :
After paying her rent 6 months in advance, Chen Liang Liang (Puff Kuo) receive a court notification that her home will be seized. New owner Qi Yi (Aaron Yan) does not make it any easier when he holds her house deed hostage and practically threatens her to move out. As if things could not get any worse, Liang Liang's new boss steps into the office, and declares a ban on office romance. Who would have guess that the new boss is none other than her newest enemy, Qi Yi? Now the distant and evil landlord is promoted to an insufferable and perfectionist boss who is persecuting love! It's a full on war both on and off the clock as Liang Liang is determined to change Qi Yi's ways.

ramai cakap cerita ni best so i suggest you guys should watch it xD sebab hero dia Aaron Yan super cute ! haha. well masa tengah google pasal heroin cerita ni rupanya now Xue Fu tengah buad WGM global dengan Heechul SuJu .. K K K --' Download this drama below.


the second link got many sites for download but only a few site working.

they just too lovely together right xD Enjoy !