//Miserable Bams !
Saturday, 25 April 2015 | 09:55 | 0 Kaki Busuk !
Haii peeps. Just wanna share one video from one of korean variety shows, I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE, I'm not really watch this show but it's about the judges have to guess which one can sing and which one was fake so this guy who the judges believe that he cannot sing but WOWWWW !! check out the video below ! He claimed that he was "Ulsan Naul Sniper" which is i think Naul was the original singer to this song. This guy also sing this song 2keys higher than the original. ITS SO SUPER DAEBAK AMAZINGGG !!!!!!!!!

So what do you think guys..? :O You can read the full story at here SOOMPI

This is the original version.